Sharjah KART TRACK was formed in 2016, for the sole purpose to entertain the Kart-Racing lovers in the emirate of Sharjah. This is also the first official Kart-Racing track in Sharjah and is registered with SWS (Sodi World Series) Kart website.

Our listing can be checked on the www.Sodiwseries.com.

The circuit has been designed to conduct rental and national events and covers an area of 1.2 kilometers in distance. The complete track can be configured to upto 4 types of track configuration including clock wise, anti-clock wise with 2 links.


The launch of the SODI RT8 marks another milestone in the leisure go kart industry.

The RT8 model is the first go kart of the leisure industry featuring a integral bodywork which provide the customer brand new sensations and an incredible feeling of car racing and safety on board.

The ultra-modern and exceptional design has been associated to all the best and latest SODIKART technologies in order to make this RT8 product unrivaled on the market. 30 years experience of the R&D department have been concentrated in this product to make it efficient on fast outdoor tracks and easy to drive on narrow indoor tracks.

All latest and best onboard safety systems are protecting the drivers and in a few seconds the bodywork can be remoove to operate the maintenance. This model is equipped in standard with:

– PROSLIDE 360 protection

– Integral Floor Covering

– Adjustable Pedal 2D

A high number of options are available for track operators who want to customized this model to their track needs. In top of being the new benchmark of the leisure go kart industry, this model is the most chosen one by track operators’ world-wide who decide to go for the best!


Patented adjustable pedal mechanism allowing pedals distance and height to be adapted to leg lengths of the drivers and its feet size.

This ergonomic adjustable pedal offers driving comfort and allows the driver to benefit from optimum sensitivity and efficiency in braking or acceleration action.

Adjustment is a simple manual operation which a driver can adjust themselves or via an assistant.


Adjustable seat system on slides allowing the driving position to be improved.

The “Easy-fit” system benefits from an adjustment strap positioned behind the seat (if adjustment made by track operator) or between the driver’s legs (if adjustment made by driver itself) for easy and quick adjustment.

All races are monitored officially via professional timing software which ensures accurate and fair timings for all contestants. The timing software used is Race Facer.
Race Facer provides the first official social network for karting tracks and drivers. This is a unique web-platform where drivers from all over the world can compare their performances and achievements. Thanks to various rankings, objectives and incentive communication incentives, drivers’ motivation reaches its highest level!.
By joining the first social karting network of karting fans, tracks extend their notoriety to an international level and boost drivers’ interest in driving go-karts.
All drivers and competitors can get their performance reports generated either in softcopy or print format via the application. All records are directly uploaded to the official Race Facerwebsite and can be viewed anytime via official Race Facerwebsite or via mobile app which is available for android and apple mobiles and tablets.

Kart Timing System Components used in our facility are:

1. MYLAPS Fixed Power Transponder The transponder, installed on each kart, sends a unique signal to the detection loop, which is used to:

  • Identify the drive
  • Record the exact time at which the kart passed the detection loop

2. MYLAPS Kart Server/Decoder
Attached to the detection loop, it decodes the transponder signal into driver’s ID and the exact time that the driver crossed the finish line.

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