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Sahara Amusement, a new concept. A new world. A world full of fun sports and activities for everyone. Yes! everyone. After a long day of stress, you need to come over where you can get it out of your system. Unleash your energy by driving around the most challenging kart track, or you can enjoy the best competitions on our quad-bikes. Even more, you can enjoy the ultimate challenge of paint ball to the fun extreme.

It’s the perfect place, not far, where you can have extreme fun with your friends and colleagues.

We have a large number of SODI RT8 Karts lined up for everyone over 12 years of age. Whether you want to drive “One-Arrive & Drive Session” or take part in Sprint or in endurance races.

But of course, Sahara Amusement offers you more than that! Children aged 8 and up are very welcome to ride on our quad bikes or paintball activities.

Parents can join them during activities. How cool is that? And whether you wish to drive, or to throw the biggest birthday bash ever, at Sahara Amusement, almost everything is possible.

For those who are ready to take things to the next level, we organize team building activities.

Sahara Amusement is highly versatile. We offer a great location for any company trip or just for an ordinary day out!

Sahara Amusement

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